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Scarlet Oval Slider Bracelet Rhodium


The Scarlet Oval Bracelet in the rhodium finish comes with an elongated, slender oval charm that ticks all the right boxes if you’re a fan of sophisticated wrist adornment. Designed to encase a svelte floral arrangement of red, purple and beige, and embellished with beautiful cubic zirconia gemstones—this one’s a gem within a gem.

Stones: Cubic zirconia
Metal: Real rhodium plated brass
Base: Jewellery grade resin, clear with textured effect
Dimensions: Charm measures 10.2mm (l) by 22.2mm (w)

Chain style: Cubic zirconia box chain, plain box chain or cable chain; all fully adjustable

All flowers and leaves are real and arranged by hand — minor differences from the pictures above are to be expected. But that is what makes every piece of flower jewellery completely unique!

Size guide here.

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