The beauty of the natural world is unparalleled.

But like many of the wonders our Earth provides, the magic can fade with the seasons. At The Petal Archive, we preserve tiny fragments of nature’s wonder through our craft of making timeless jewellery pieces with blooms that never wilt.

We pick and press real foliage using our family's artisanal techniques passed down through the decades to ensure each flower and leaf retains its delicate texture and vibrancy. Then, every individual pressing is arranged by hand in specially made jewellery pieces, before they're embedded in resin.

How to make pressed flower jewellery - The Petal Archive
Think of our jewellery as time capsules of sorts, miniature pieces of art and a visual reminder of the beauty of the world we live in.

 The Petal Archive. Blooms that never wilt. Jewellery that stops time.