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Rhode Hoop Earrings Stainless Steel Gold


Sherbet coloured florets intermingle in pools of crystal clear resin for this sweet tribute to ice-cream parlours and candy shops. Individually placed in abstract formation, the colourful blossoms make the Rhode hoop earrings the cutest accessories with a dash of light-hearted whimsy.

• Tarnish-resistant • Rust-resistant • Waterproof • Sweat-proof •

Metal: Stainless steel with 18k gold PVD coating
Charm: Jewellery grade clear resin
Hoop size: 10mm (inner diameter)

Charm dimensions: 18mm (d)

All flowers and leaves are real and arranged by hand — minor differences from the pictures above are to be expected. But that is what makes every piece of flower jewellery completely unique!


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