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Chou Hoop Earrings Stainless Steel Gold


Named after the playful French term of endearment “mon petit chou” which translates to “my little cabbage”, these darling hoops with their small dangly charms and preserved blooms in shades of blush are our go-to when we’d like a bit of girly bling to go with our outfit of the day. Funny thing is, once we put them on, we hardly ever take ‘em off!

The Chou Hoop Earrings come with a matching necklace.

Get the full set.

• Tarnish-resistant • Rust-resistant • Waterproof • Sweat-proof •

Metal: Stainless steel with 18k gold PVD coating
Base: Jewellery grade resin, clear
Hoop size: 10mm (inner diameter)

Charm dimensions: 9mm (d)

All flowers and leaves are real and arranged by hand — minor differences from the pictures above are to be expected. But that is what makes every piece of flower jewellery completely unique!

Size guide here.

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